Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

The Leadership and Management website is a Business Development Support portal. We have a collective expertise covering all business genre’s from Hair and Beauty Salons to Aviation Authorities and we work with all size of business from Start-Up’s to Corporates and Government departments.

As the corporate business model continues to change because of global, green and technical influences more small businesses are emerging and as a result many of the organisations in this chain require Business Development support.

The majority of organisations we work with need fast, short term access to talented people in a particular field or business genre to help them get projects up and running, or to fill a skills gap or to help amplify and project the business online in order to grow and prosper. In practically all cases its about Business Development.

If you would like to investigate the opportunity of gaining up to £1,000.00 in government funded Leadership and Management training please read our Leadership and Management funding blog.